Services for Organisations

A variety of professionals from Somerset Clinic can provide consultation, training and therapeutic services for children and young people and for those supporting them.

It is recognised that children face many emotional challenges and complex life events, family difficulties, academic and emotional pressure which can have negative effects on the wellbeing of young people. These effects can range from some distress and adjustment difficulties to problems with psychological functioning and mental health.

There is evidence that the problems children develop can be difficult to recognise and many young people experience problems that only come to light when their behaviour, their academic achievement or their general functioning appears to be affected.

According to national statistics 1 in 5 children face life events that cause difficulty and as many as 1 in 10 children and young people between the ages of 1 and 15 has a mental health disorder.

At Somerset Clinic we provide comprehensive psychological and mental health services for children and young people. Our service is responsive and user friendly specifically designed to meet the needs that children and young people have for sensitive and contemporary care, using text messages to arrange appointments and to offer support between appointments if necessary. Therapeutic intervention and support can be provided at our clinic, at home or in the community.

Services for Schools

Professionals from Somerset Clinic provide a range of intervention from prevention and early interventions for children and young people to intensive therapeutic services.

We also provide training and support for schools tailored to the individual needs of any service. Training includes groups and workshops for children and young people as well as for staff and parents.

Somerset Clinic also provides training on specific issues such as self-harm, eating disorders, attachment, drugs and alcohol, sexual health and stress.

Somerset Clinic offers a consultation service providing clinical supervision and advice to pastoral and care staff. All training and clinical supervision can be offered on site or within our training centre located in central Taunton.

An area that has been particularly popular is a Health Day that includes specific workshops for young people on mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, drugs and alcohol or body image and eating disorders.

Services of Organisations

Services for Local Authorities

We are aware that children known to local authorities are at greater risk of having poor mental health. We are aware of the responsibilities that local authorities have to meet the needs of children and are able to provide or complement services. We are able to contribute to the assessment and management of children and young people and work closely with social workers and NHS staff to ensure that multidisciplinary and comprehensive care can be provided.

Somerset Clinic currently provides comprehensive mental health assessments and intervention for children who are known to the local authority and who are within the care system. Close support of parents, carers and schools is also provided to ensure that best practice is achieved.

We provide training for professionals and looked after care providers. Training and support is tailored to the individual needs of services and includes groups and workshops. We also provide training for local authorities on issues with regard to assessment and assessment of risk. Training to help staff and carers support children who self-harm or have eating disorders, attachment difficulties or problems with drugs and alcohol can also be provided.


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